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The best way to make money in Wobbly Life is to get a job. There are 16 repeatable jobs currently avaliable in game, which acts as the main and most reliable way of making money.


4 of the Jobs contain a similar formula - Either to deliver an object to its destination, or to collect an object and return it to the mission start point. All missions have a timer, which is dependent on the distance between you and the destination at the start of the mission. On completion, a money bag will be dropped containing between $5-$90 depending on the job, the specific task and the time or accuracy achieved. The money bags must be taken to an ATM to deposit it into your bank account, before you can use it to purchase items.


The Jobs currently available are as follows:

  • Jelly Delivery: Travel to nearby stores and bring back Jelly for your hungry neighbour.
  • Pizza Delivery: The delivery of 1-2 boxes of pizza to a destination. The mission is started in the Pizza Shop, and the mission ends at the destination. The target is often nearby the Pizza Shop, and this job tends to pay $20-$50 on average. The Pizza Shop has Pizza Pickup Trucks parked outside for transport of the Pizza.
  • Trash Collection: The player must place 6 bags of garbage into the trash compactor at the back of the Garbage Truck. The mission starts at the Dump, and ends when the last bag of trash is compacted. You have 4-5 minutes to complete.
  • Emergency Response: The player must get to the scene of an accident where an NPC on a stretcher will be waiting. You must deliver the NPC back to the hospital, ideally by utilising the room in the Ambulance to transport the NPC.
  • Chef: On activation of the mission, your character is placed into the backroom of the store, where there are 5 baskets of ingredients and a BurgerMatic 2000 - a machine that takes the ingredients and combines them to make the desired burger. You must read the ticket and place the desired ingredients on the conveyor belt, and then let the BurgerMatic 2000 do its work.
  • Disco
  • Furniture Delivery: Take the furniture, and transport it to the customer. You must use the Movement Vans to transport the furniture. This job pays up to $80. The destination is often 2+ minutes away.
  • Paper Round: Using the Newspaper Cannons on the back of a truck, fire the newspapers at the correct doorways in the Residential Area. The job pays $50 for a 100% score of 25 newspapers. This mission is relatively fast, and is on a pre-determined path.
  • Waste Removal: Grab the Radioactive Waste Barrels from the conveyor belts, stick five on the back of the truck and carefully deliver them down to a mysterious being down in the Quarry. Be careful, the barrels explode!
  • Farming: In this job there are actually three different sections. First Plowing, then Seeding, and lastly Harvesting and Delivering. The first two jobs give either $30 or $40 each, depending on the farm, but the last one can give up to $90.
  • Mining: Enter the mine and process as much ore as you can in the time limit. Within the many tunnels are pockets of silver, gold, diamond, and uranium that need to be mined and taken to a machine. Pay is half of the worth of what is processed.
  • Fire Fighter: Use Firefighter Truck to travel to the location of the fire and extinguish it within the time limit. Your goal is to extinguish 10 fires in a randomly selected location, for each fire extinguished you get $5 leading up to $50.
  • Tree Cutting: Grab an axe and chop down as many dead trees marked with X in the forest around you as possible. After you chop them down you must put those logs to the logging mechine saw and then put the planks on the pile. Each log produces 2 planks and for each plank on the pile you get $5. There are 2 Tree Cutter vehicles that are useable for transport of logs.
  • Science machine: Look at the science table and configure the machine to produce required formula, after the machine produces it you need to grab it and send it into the pipe. For each formula sent you get $10.
  • Ice Cream Shop: Following the orders presented, create different combinations of ice creams all while trying to keep the unsteady scoops inside the cone and dodging other employees.
  • Taxi Driver: On Residential Island, Main Island, and Paradise Island accept this job and drive five different clients to local destinations within the time limit. Alternatively just getting into a taxi gives the option to start the job.
  • Air Rescue: A more extreme version of the Emergency Response job. Use the Rescue Helicopter to fly to where an injured wobbly is and then transport them back to Paradise Island's hospital.

Related Activites[]

While these cannot quite be classed as jobs, these activities do provide income or a prize and so get a special mention:

  • Races: Repeatable and always give $40
  • The Wonderful Wobbly Quiz: Repeatable and always gives $30 if all answers are correctly answered
  • Fire Fighter (Jungle Island): A variant of the Fire Fighter job with one possible fire placement which can only be done after 11AM