Wobbly Life Wiki

Pets are a purchasable companion in the game, added in the v0.5.0 update. They can be bought from the Pet Shop located on Farming Island, (or on Paradise island, added in the 0.7.5 update.) up to three being owned by the player. Only one can be selected to follow the player around at a time, with a daycare NPC found at the Pet Shop allowing the switching between pets. When nearby a button prompt will appear to allow interaction with the pet in an affectionate way.

There are currently 27 pets available, 10 requiring to be unlocked by performing specific tasks. When purchasing a pet the player is given the option of renaming and recoloring the appearance however is desired, allowing a large amount of customization. The name of the pet appears above it, just like player names, with profanity being filtered.

Pet Default Name Price Description Unlock Instructions
v0.5.0 Dog Scruffy 500 Friendly and dependable, these Dogs will always have your back. Though they might lick your back too.

Favourite Thing: Belly rubs and a good walk.

Cat Patch 500 Quick and nimble, Cats on Wobbly Island always land on their feet. These felines are playful and fun to have around.

Favourite Thing: Chasing a ball of string.

Fish Bubbles 600 Everyone likes a Fish in a bowl. This one comes with wheels so it can join you on your adventures.

Favourite Thing: Walks by the beach.

Tropical Fish Tango 600 These Fish come from a tropical island. They come with a special heated fishbowl which makes them very happy.

Favourite Thing: Visiting the jungle.

Crab Pinchy 750 Don't be put off by their pincers, these Crabs are a bundle of laughs and love to party.

Favourite Thing: Walking sideways.

Starfish Humphrey 750 Starfish come from deep under the sea. They are a happy bunch and do everything with a smile.

Favourite Thing: Doing cartwheels.

Penguin Flipper 750 These Penguins swam down from the North Pole. They are lots of fun and love eating fish.

Favourite Thing: Sliding on their belly's.

Bee Buzz 750 You'll always find these friendly bugs buzzing around. They love to find a good garden to get stuck into.

Favourite Thing: Shoving their faces into flowers.

Chicken Chuck 500 They might not be the brightest eggs in the basket, but these Chickens make trustworthy and fun pets.

Favourite Thing: Sitting on eggs.

Doktor Auge Doktor Auge 1000 Found in the deep caves beneath Wobbly Island these creatures are quite shy and excited to see more of the outside world. Originated from Arazhul Studios!

Favourite Thing: Fruit!

Monster Sludge 1200 This little guy love to nom on things and make everything slimy. Be warned, they are known to be fussy eaters.

Favourite Thing: His big brother.

Feed the monster as part of the Waste Removal job 50 toxic waste barrels in total.
Ghost Whisper 1200 These rare creatures were originally found in the Wobbly Mine. They like to jump out and surprise people.

Favourite Thing: Shouting Boo.

Collect the blue glowing orb from inside the Temple puzzles by taking it back out, and the green glowing orb from the Waterfall puzzles. Take both to a hidden tunnel in the Mining job to open a secret chamber. Inside there is a gravestone that must be processed in the machine before the timer runs out. WARNING: The orbs may randomly despawn at times.
Fancy Chicken Hector 1000 This Chicken found its fortune on the farm. Its very well mannered and polite.... well, for a Chicken.

Favourite Thing: Fancy Parties.

Place a money bag in a chicken coop and let it be pecked and destroyed.
v0.5.5 Snail Jerry 600 These snails feel at home everywhere, especially on the dancefloor!

Favourite Thing: Breakdancing

v0.5.5 Spider Burger Patty 1000 What even is this thing?!

Favourite Thing: Chasing the Postman.

Put a burger through the machine twice during the Chef job.
v0.6.0 Parrot Polly 750 These colorful birds enjoy warming up in the sun and having a good squawk.

Favourite Thing: Pining for the fjords.

v0.6.0 Rabbit Flopsy 500 These furry critters have a great time bouncing around. Some say their big floppy ears allow them to hear into the future.

Favourite Thing: A Fresh Crunchy Carrot

v0.6.0 Toppy Toppy 1000 A cheeky top hat with legs.

Favourite Thing: Entertaining a crowd.

v0.6.0 Lil C Lil C 750 A friendly well trained Ninja.

Favourite Thing: Protecting the vulnerable.

v0.6.5 Dinosaur Stumpy 1000 A baby Wobblysaurus. These little creatures may be scary looking, but actually they're easily frightened!

Favourite Thing: Stomping around.

Complete the Fossil Collection.
v0.7.0 Snake Slithers 650 These snakes make great pets. Despite not having any legs they're fast movers!

Favourite Thing: Having a dance off.

v0.7.0 Golf Ball Putty 1000 These charismatic gold balls are just tee-rific. They are at their happiest when rolling around grassy slopes!

Favourite Thing: Getting a hole in one.

Enter the final hole in the golf course.
v0.7.0 Unspeakable Unspeakable 750 These creatures have long wobbly tongues and like running around in the rain.

Favourite Thing: Licking chocolate ice cream.

Find three statues:
  1. On one of the turbines at sea below Farm Island on the map
  2. Next to one of the roller coaster's pillars
  3. Next to the giant wobbly statue on Jungle Island
v0.7.5 Gemmy Gemmy 750 Gemmy's love to show off their crystals. They always keep them clean and shiny!

Favourite Thing: Being underground.

Complete the Cave Collection in the museum.
v0.7.5 Gnome Nosey 750 These gnomes make dependable pets. Though they have been known to play practical jokes on their owners!

Favourite Thing: Having a good sleep.

On Farm Island, there is a green house near a barn. In front of the house is a gnome. Interact with the gnome to unlock the gnome pet.
v0.7.5 Hedgehog Spike 500 These shy creatures aren't often seen in the wild. They make great pets, just be careful of their spikes!

Favourite Thing: Rolling around in a ball.

v0.7.5 Outlet Monster Spark 1000 These bizarre pets are made from pure electricity. Just be careful not to overload them!

Favourite Thing: Hard, tangy magnets!

Located in the building with the Powerplant job. Find three outlet plugs lying around the building. Take these outlet plugs to the second floor where the outlet monster is located. Place the outlet plugs onto the slots on the wall. Once you got all three outlet plugs, press the button on the left. Interact with the outlet monster after the glass shatters.