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"Welcome to Wobbly Pizza" "Everything is improved by adding cheese" "Our pizza's are the best!"

The Pizza Delivery Job is located in the Fast Food Restaurant, Wobbly Pizza. The task is to grab the 1-2 pizza boxes from the counter and deliver them to the customer. There are 2 Wobbly Pizza Delivery Vans parked outside the shop, which allow you to place the pizza in the back for easy transport. This mission is the fastest on average to complete, as many of the destinations are less that a minute away by car, with each mission pays anything from $20-$50. When the job is successfully completed for the first time the player gets the Pizza Outfit and an achievement.

There are many destinations that the customer could be in, such as :

  • In the Arcade at the Carnival, next to the ATM machine by the door.
  • The purple house, over the drawbridge and east of the Mall.
  • At the security gate at the western entrance to the Power Plant.
  • The yellow house near the player-ownable house in the mountainside village with the furniture store.
  • At the garbage dump.
  • The yellow house with the red roof, near the park in the residential area.
  • One of the patients in the hospital. Enter the elevator and take it up a floor, first door on the left.
  • The building opposite from the Burger Store.
  • The cream house directly north of the Mall.
  • One of the Orange Apartments south-west of the Bank.
  • The Police Station.

By starting the job after between 12AM-1AM in the game's time the player instead starts a secret job to deliver pizza to aliens. With no timer involved, the player must simply follow the UFO as it flies through the City and up the Mountain to the middle of the Ice Rink. Once pizza is floated up into the UFO by it's beam the player gets the Alien Costume and another achievement.