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Wobbly Island

Wobbly Island is the map and setting for the game. After the opening cutscene the player is thrown into the world with the task of getting a job and making money. Fortunately, Wobbly Island contains everything needed to earn a living and have fun.

The Islands of the Island[]

The island is actually more like a cluster of a few interconnected islands, but each one contributes to the modern and self sufficient location. As well as having areas devoted mainly to agriculture and housing, there's also a variety of shops, a theme park, a power plant, and a science lab. There is a mixture of different housing options, a train that constantly makes rounds around the island, and multiple air strips. Spread around are also presents, scattered all over the island and providing money and sometimes clothing with each one collected.

Wobbly Island is surrounded by an ocean and is divided into 7 smaller islands, connected by bridges. It is comprised of Jungle Island off on its own on the right, and then Residential Island, Main Island, Mountain Island, and Farming Island all connected by roads and bridges. Some areas are large enough that it can be described in smaller parts, such as the forest area being separate from the town on Mountain Island, and the military base being separate from the temple on Jungle Island. Between Residential Island and Main Island is a large drawbridge that raises in a way that would allow boats to pass under, but also provides the player with airtime when driven over. In the city there are the most stores in one place, including a clothing shop, a car dealership and separate mechanic to customise vehicles, a burger joint, a hospital, and various prop shops.


Residential Island - The island where the player starts.[]
Main Island - Where the City and the majority of things to do is located.[]
Mountain Island - 'Up north' where many secrets are.[]
Farm Island - Mostly farms but also the Pet Shop.[]
Jungle Island - The most mysterious location with puzzles and secrets galore.[]
Mansion Island - Where the grandest of homes are up for sale.[]
Paradise Island - A place where many summer holiday activities are.[]